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Shaletrader.com is a source for Energy Investors looking for a deeper understanding of the shale energy revolution, and the investment opportunities that it provides.  Brought to you exclusively by Split Rock Private Trading and Wealth Management.

Split Rock Private Trading & Wealth Management is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) that manages investment portfolios on a discretionary basis. Unlike many other firms, Split Rock has no ties to, nor receives any commissions or compensation from, any broker, banking institution, or insurance company.

Your Shaletrader.com is designed to serve as a source of information for investors and enthusiasts alike for all things surrounding the Bakken formation of North Dakota and other popular and emerging unconventional shale formations and oil deposits across the country. Shaletrader.com subscribers will have 24 hour access shaletrader.com.

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We Take a Hands On Approach


"...Rather than sit behind a cushy desk in an air conditioned office, we put the rubber to the road and traveled to the heart of the Bakken oil boom to experience it for ourselves. We wanted to get our hands dirty. We wanted to feel the essence, to see it firsthand..."

- Tyler Kocon | Porfolio Manager | Split Rock Private Trading & Wealth Management



Our Bakken Journey | Read the full report at:  Fox Business News

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Get an Inside Look

Get an inside look at how professional money managers/hedge fund managers are trying to navigate around the Shale Energy sector. The Shale Energy sector is not simply putting your money in XOM, COP, etc. It involves a special skill to find the opportunities and the different players that make up that sector.

Pick the Brain

Pick the brain of one of the most highly respected energy analysts in the industry, Michael Filloon. He has an uncanny ability to understand and analyze the small E&P companies that are at the heart of the shale energy boom. His ability to comprehend well data and the geology of shale formations makes him second to none.

It's Alive

Get live access to the ShaleTrader Blog that allows members to learn from Michael Filloon as well as the entire ShaleTrader / Split Rock Trading and Wealth Management team. It is an essential and informative resource and one of the best ways to stay current on all the important news surrounding this incredible sector.

More than E&P

There are many moving parts that make up the Shale Energy boom.  The majority of investors think the only way to play this sector is investing in the E&P names.  We go beyond that by digging into the supporting and derivatives names.  ShaleTrader gives you the ability to educate yourself with all areas of this exciting sector.

Lead Energy Analyst Michael Filloon


Subscriber access to ShaleTrader© is comprised of fundamental research put out by the Split Rock Team, including industry recognized Energy Analyst Michael Filloon.

Michael Filloon is an accomplished and well respected energy analyst covering cyclical sectors that incorporate Energy & Commodities. His focus is North American shale plays with an emphasis on Bakken, Permian Basin and the Eagle Ford. He has a strong background in shale play economics, with knowledge of both well design and geology.

Born and raised in North Dakota, his interests tend to be Bakken centered and, he is one of the few individuals that understands well design play wide. Michael also has a very strong knowledge and understanding of small cap E&Ps.

ShaleTrader© Research

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ShaleTrader© Data

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  • Monterey (CA) 36%
  • Eagle Ford (TX) 49%
  • Bakken (ND) 50%
  • Niobrara (CO) 66%
  • Three Forks (ND) 76%

ShaleTrader© Membership

The benefits and value of membership include:

Equity Analysis

Analysis on companies operating in North American shale plays.  Includes company analysis, individual well results and more.  Written by our Lead Energy Analyst Michael Filloon.

Shale Formations

A better understanding of the history behind the shale gas boom, we offer News, Analysis and Research for each of the major Shale Formations that we look to invest in.

ShaleTrader Blogs

Full access to the entire Split Rock Team and Lead Energy Analyst, Michael Filloon.  We are extremely active in sharing our strategy & trading activity through our Blogs.

Industry Sub-Sectors

Offering clarity and focus in our assessment of sub-sectors in the Shale industry space.  We take a look at regional and state development, competitive position and more.

Split Rock Holdings

Get a sneak peak into our past and current holdings with Split Rock Trading - Our Alternative Investment Strategy and Separately Managed Account portfolios.

Research Reports

Deeper analysis, valuation, comparison, competition, risk and opinions on the equity of each researched company - Who the companies are and why we like them.

Shale & Energy News

The best in 24/7 Live streaming National and International Shale Play news.  A convenient resource hand selected by the Split Rock Trading and Wealth Management team.

Maps and More

Shale Trader offers strong visual representation by providing the maps, graphs and charts needed for a better understanding of potential investment opportunities.


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  • Detailed Equity Analysis
  • Research and Summary Reports
  • Shale and Energy News
  • Essential Shale Formations
  • Industry Sub-Sectors
  • Maps and Resources
  • Past and Current Holdings
  • Shale Trader / Michael Filloon Blog
  • Live Webinars with Michael Filloon
  • Full color, 24″ X 20″ Bakken Map

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  • Detailed Equity Analysis
  • Research and Summary Reports
  • Shale and Energy News
  • Essential Shale Formations
  • Industry Sub-Sectors
  • Maps and Resources
  • Past and Current Holdings
  • Shale Trader / Michael Filloon Blog
  • Live Webinars with Michael Filloon
  • Full color, 24″ X 20″ Bakken Map